The 2016 YCC Girls’ Free Agent program just got announced. To get everyone excited, we asked two of our free agents from last year to answer three simple questions:

What was your favorite part of being a free agent in 2015?

Why do you love ultimate?

What teams do you currently play for?

Here’s what they had to say!



My favorite part of being a free agent last year was probably watching our team, drawn from across the country, really get to know each other and our different skills. It was an inspiring experience to be suddenly stuck on a team, almost completely composed of strangers, and to be a part of the ridiculous growth we underwent as a team over the course of three tournament-consumed days.

I love ultimate for so many reasons. I love to compete, I love the community, I love the precision, I love the teamwork. Really, though, I think it comes back to the game and the connections. Ultimate is a sport that has so much potential that it has yet to embody, and so anyone who is aIso a passionate member of the ultimate community has an immediate connection to most anyone else who plays. I play basketball as well, and I don’t get excited to see a random person in basketball shorts!

At the same time, however, I really value the size of the community. It gives me the opportunity to play with and against so many different skill levels. I’ve been in positions where I’m stuck re-learning the rules of the game, as well as situations in which I’m supposed to guard someone who plays on a national level!

As for the teams I am currently on, I am finishing up my last season with my incredible middle school team, Bright Water School Commotion, and I am also super pumped to be a part of this year’s Seattle U16 girl’s team!



My favorite part of being a free agent last year was coming together with all these other girls that share the same love for frisbee as me, and just having fun playing and getting to know each other over the weekend!

I love ultimate for so many different reasons. I have met my best friends through the sport and I just love playing. Everyone who plays is super cool and always willing to help you improve. I look forward to practices and games that I have with my team the whole day. This sport has definitely made part of who I am today.

I currently play for Nathan Hale high school as a swing player.


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For more information about the 2016 YCC Girls’ Free Agent Program, check out this page!