Kaia Roast


Hometown: Seattle, WA

Age: 16 years old

School: Ingraham High School

Favorite Subject: History


DiscNW U-16 Girls’ YCC Teams – Uprising, Echo

Seattle Fryz – Girls’ Team

Seven Hills – Girls’ Team

Ingraham High School – Mixed + Girls’ Team

Started Playing: 4th grade

Favorite Throw: IO forehand to the breakside.  Gotta love those breaks

Offense or Defense?: Defense

Shout Out!

I would like to shout out Evelyn Reding (who I play with on my high school team) for always pushing me to get better AND stay in shape. Thanks Ev!

I’m excited about GUM because I think that it will boost a lot of girls’ confidence in themselves and their place and role in ultimate.

My favorite team bonding experience was when my high school team went to Seattle Invite. The whole day was an absolute blast, and I got to know my teammates a lot better.

My favorite ultimate-related memory…that’s really, REALLY hard. ONE of my favorite memories was at club sectionals this past year, and it was so windy that no one scored up wind. It was crazy and a liiitle frustrating, but also a lot of fun.

My favorite jersey…also a really tough question…probably my Ohio State Fever jersey. It’s so simple yet so bold and elegant. It’s great! Also shows off my shoulders…which is a bonus

A role model for me has to be Alyssa Weatherford. She’s always supported me throughout my ultimate experience, and not only is she a strong player, but she is also a fantastic coach…not to mention a great person; she’s someone that I strive to be like.

My ultimate superpower is my confidence when I step on the field. I change into a completely different person when I play ultimate. That’s one reason why I love it so much.

I hope to learn this season how to find the right balance between being a good supportive captain and playing to the best of my ability/pushing myself as an individual.

If I could be any animal I would probably want to be a bear…they’re just so relaxed.

Kate Lanier


Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC

Age: 16 years old

School: Carolina Friends School

Favorite Subject: Science


  • Carolina Friends School – Open Team
  • Triangle Area Saga – Girls’ Team
  • TYUL U-19 Girls’ YCC Team – Warhawks
  • Carrboro Koi – Girls’ Team

Started Playing: 6 years ago

Favorite Throw: OI Flick

Offense or Defense?: Offense

Shout Out!

I would like to shout out Katie Cubrilovic!  Amazing teammate and horrible to guard.

I’m excited about GUM because it’s helping give opportunities for more girls to play frisbee!!!

My favorite team bonding experience is every year before YCC when my team has had a sleepover/tie dye warmups party. Always fun.

My favorite ultimate-related memory is from YCC 2015. Before one of our games, my entire team and coaches danced on the field to a pop song.

My favorite jersey says Short Stack and has pancakes on the front.

A role model for me is Cassie Swafford. She coached my YCC team this past year. The amount of effort she has put into becoming so amazing shows in her coaching and is very inspiring.

My ultimate superpower would be invisibility, seems like it could help with frisbee…

I hope to learn this season how to improve my downfield defense, also how to throw a scoober.

[I have an] old frisbee nickname that relates to horses, so for frisbee, [if I could be any animal] I’d be a horse.