March is Women’s History Month, and we are celebrating with limited-edition artist bandanas from two talented members of the ultimate community: Hannah Leathers and Jesse Shofner! Below are the designs and each artist’s statement explaining the story behind the design.

Order your bandana, and show your support for girls and women in ultimate! All proceeds will go to The Ultimate Foundation to benefit the Girls’ Ultimate Movement and provide more clinics and opportunities for girls across the country to experience the joy of playing ultimate.


Hannah’s Artist Statement:

I originally chose to put my drawings on a bandana because 1. they’re a staple item in my personal wardrobe and 2. because I love how gender-neutral they are. I wear them all the time; they’re a kind of a safety blanket for me because they can read as masculine, feminine, neither, or both. It makes me feel powerful to wear something that confuses people a little.

I love this sentiment in the context of GUM, and the new tagline Dare To Be. A lot of conversation surrounding youth girls in sports asks them to reclaim the feminine as powerful.. i.e. “play like a girl,” etc. I personally want to work towards a world in which cis and trans youth girls, and non-binary youth, are able to Dare To Be an athlete however they want to be. Masculine, feminine, neither, or both. And for them to have the opportunity to feel power in their true selves as athletes. To me this bandana is like a little teeny superhero cape — Dare to Be your authentic, athlete self. And to feel the power in that.


View Hannah’s website for more of her work.



Jesse’s Artist Statement:

Take up space. With your thoughts, your voice, your legs, your presence in male-dominated sport culture. 

While coaching, I frequently implore my kids to drive into the lane “…with chuztpah!” and to clear with gusto. They chuckle and mimic me, but they also shake off a layer of timidness. Next rep they move with just a lil’ more “supreme self-confidence” and “vitality marked by an abundance of vigor and enthusiasm.” It’s a process, layer by layer and lil by lil. It’s a process with increased barriers for young non-binary, trans and female athletes.    

I dream of a world where all of these young athletes know and believe it’s their space well before they enter the lane, instead of relying on a coaches assertion “It’s your turn, yes you! Go!”

You’re out of this world. You’re a force of nature. There is room for you to go and try, fail, make mistakes, and grow. Now, show up and dare to take space. It’s your turn, yes you. Go. 

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Each bandana costs $25, and orders will ship out in April 2019. Dare to be your authentic, athletic self. Dare to take up space.

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