City: Boston, MA

Team Established: 2002

About Us: 

Brute Squad began in 2002 when a group of young college players teamed up with some club veterans to form an elite-level ultimate team. We shared a common vision of wanting to build a team that had positive energy, a flat hierarchy and no politics. We believed in the power of a group of good people who were committed to pushing themselves to be at their best, working hard for each other and not taking themselves too seriously. When Brute Squad made their first appearance at Nationals in 2003, it was like someone had given the Bad News Bears a disc. Today, Brute Squad represents players from many different colleges and elite club teams. While it is challenging to integrate our different backgrounds into one system, we think of our diversity as one of our greatest strengths. Practically, it allows us to be creative with our offenses and defenses because each player can bring complementary skills to the team. Strategically, the different perspectives on the team challenge us to continually refresh and improve our approach to the game. We first made the semifinals in 2006, then again in 2007, knocked on the door in 2009 – bringing home the silver – and brought home back-to-back championships in 2015 and 2016.

Why we’re excited to be GUM Ambassadors:

We are excited to work with GUM to help promote women’s ultimate at the youth level. We want to make sure that young women have opportunities to play and learn from visible role models in the sport. The fabric of Brute is love, respect and pride; we want to pass this on to the women in our community. By partnering with USA Ultimate, we can pool our resources and expand our reach.

What do you wish someone told you when you first started playing ultimate?

I wish I had known the extent to which the ultimate community would become my community. How ultimate is so much more than a sport, and through the positive atmosphere, I’ve grown and learned more about myself than I ever thought I could “playing sports.”

Go-to warm-up song:

Kiss from a Rose – Seal

What’s the story behind your team name?

Fun fact about us:

When Brute first made Nationals in 2003, our jerseys were highlighter yellow with Sharpied logos and numbers.