City: Chicago, IL

Team Established: 2001

About Us: 

Chicago Machine has turned from the rubble of Chicago’s powerhouse teams of the late ’90s to a contender in its own right, qualifying for Nationals for the last 12 years, including a semifinals appearance in 2015. Machine hangs its hat on playing hard defense and valuing the contributions of each of our teammates.

Why we’re excited to be GUM Ambassadors:

We’re excited to bring ultimate to anyone, and even more excited to correct gendered participation imbalances. We believe strongly in the power of sport to make a positive impact in peoples’ lives, and especially the way that sport can serve as an antidote to all the negative messaging our society gives women.

What do you wish someone told you when you first started playing ultimate?

That throwing mistakes that are based on execution are part of growth as a thrower and to not get discouraged by them.

Go-to warm-up song:

Rockin’ Robin – Michael Jackson

What’s the story behind your team name?

In Chicago politics, a machine is a corrupt political organization.

Fun fact about us:

We divide our team into small groups called crews that are designed to facilitate relationship building and connection among players. Each crew develops its own identity and competes against the other crews at Sports Day, our annual team retreat.