City: San Francisco, CA

Team Established: 2006

About Us: 

Revolver was established in the spring of 2006 when Nick Handler, Chris McManus and Marc Weinberger came together to build a new Bay Area ultimate program from scratch. They sought a team where young players could learn from veterans, where lasting friendships were made and where the goal was to get better in every practice and game – rise. This program has consistently found success on the national and international stages, standing on the shoulders of our founders and all those that came before. More importantly, Revolver continues to develop excellent players and conscious young men. We strive to exercise respect on the field, within the greater ultimate community and as part of society.

Our values:

  • Bring IHD (Intensity, Humility and Discipline) to everything we do, in the proper proportions.
  • Provide a place for young teammates to become great players and great people.
  • Play our roles to the best of our abilities and trust that others will do the same.
  • Rise with every workout, practice, game and tournament.

Why we’re excited to be GUM Ambassadors:

As a team, we recognize the role of privilege in our success. We’re committed to gender equity in the ultimate community and beyond. Our role as a GUM Ambassador Team is an exciting opportunity to be role models and act to build gender equity – we have a long way to go. We hope to support and encourage young women in their pursuit of excellence and help young men foster the same mindset to set up our sport for years of equitable success. This is a way we can continue to rise.

What do you wish someone told you when you first started playing ultimate?

You should lift weights and spend a lot of time with rollers and lacrosse balls.

Go-to warm-up song:

Rejoice – Steve Angello ft. T.D. Jakes

What’s the story behind your team name?

“Revolver” comes from the revolving lunar cycle which symbolizes the continuous development of our players. We’re a team focused on growth – whether a young, first-year player or an eight-year veteran.

Fun fact about us:

Believe it or not, we actually enjoy hanging out with each other (contrary to popular belief).