City: Seattle, WA

Team Established: 2010

About Us: 

We started playing ultimate with a bunch of friends at pick-up and random tournaments and picked up a lot of friends along the way.

Why we’re excited to be GUM Ambassadors:

Female is the Future! It starts with empowering our youth with opportunities to participate in sports, lead their teams and others and to promote and be advocates for making ultimate a sport for all girls. We want media to be streamed everywhere of girls in ultimate and in all sports. And it is our responsibility on Mixtape to play inclusive ultimate that involves all players on the field.

What do you wish someone told you when you first started playing ultimate?

Hmmm…That I would meet so many incredible people who stand up for what is right and against what is wrong and the relationships/friendships that have come through playing this sport. I didn’t realize most of my friends would be ultimate players who care about the world around us, not just in the sport.

Go-to warm-up song:

Ghetto Bird – Ice Cube

What’s the story behind your team name?

We were originally called Ghetto Birds, but changed the name in 2014 – to Mixtape. We were called Seattle Mixed at the 2014 National Championships, so we took Mix and Tape (representing music – Ice Cube).

Fun fact about us:

We do so many fantasy drafts about literally anything – from who is going to be the first to finish their meal to the last person, and we would draft teams, or drafting a team based on filling out the practice doc from first to last.