The GUM team is in the process of developing great resources for coaches, players, parents, and organizers!

Here’s what we have so far and we plan to continue growing this area of GUM! Do you have ideas about content or have something you’d like to contribute? Let us know by emailing Girls National Outreach Director Gail Reich (

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GUM Clinics

Host a GUM Clinic or League

Have questions about what it takes to run a GUM clinic or league? Check out this one-pager that lets you know what USA Ultimate provides and has a checklist for organizers to make everything as easy as possible.

Sample GUM Clinic Plan

Here’s a clinic plan that you can use or modify to fit your group’s needs. Want to create your own clinic plan? Go for it! GUM encourages organizers to be creative and run with their unique clinic ideas. We also want to make it easy for those who are new to running GUM Clinics. Let us know if you have questions and thanks for being GUM superheros!

GUM Day 2015

Did you miss GUM Day at the Youth Club Championships and want to see what it was all about? Or maybe you were there and want to remember how to run one of the drills with your own team? We decided to share with you the GUM Day schedule, stations and leadership sessions that Heather Ann Brauer created!


GUM Curriculum Preview

Our GUM Curriculum Working Group, headed up by Laura Magnotta (Boys and Girls Club) has been working on a middle school and high school specific GUM curriculum that is part leadership based and part ultimate based. We look forward to launching the full series this fall, but wanted to give you a preview of what’s to come. Check it out!


USA Ultimate Youth Waiver

This is a USA Ultimate liability waiver for youth players that is needed for participation in any of our GUM Clinics. Please fill this out and bring it along with you to the next GUM Clinic you attend.

Medical Authorization Form

This is a USA Ultimate medical authorization form for youth players that is needed for participation in any of our GUM Clinics. Please fill this out and turn it in to the organizers at the next GUM Clinic you attend. They will keep this on hand just in case of emergency.

GUM Kit Application

USA Ultimate’s GUM Kit provides coaches, organizers, teachers and ultimate players with the tools to introduce more girls to ultimate. The kit works to plant an interest in ultimate at the local youth level and is perfect for putting on a short session about ultimate. Join in the Girls’ Ultimate Movement today!

GUM Kit Includes

  • 1 GUM clinic plan
  • 10 discs
  • 2 fliers
  • 8 cones
  • 15 handouts with Basic Ultimate Skills & Drills
  • 2 introductory skills manuals
  • 2 rule books
  • 15 spectator guides
  • 15 stickers

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Local Disc Organization

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